Photo Page

This page contains photos from our work in Santiago, Chile with the small business owners.  It also has photos of Santiago, and our daily life here.
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Three of Our Six Small Business Classes

Renovación: Small Business Owners Receiving a New Loan   

Teaching Classes

Fruit Warehouse - An Intermediary Between the Farmers and the Vega Central Market

Small Business Product Exhibition

Student Protests: Fighting for better public education

For the past three weeks that we have been here, most of Chile's public schools have been on strike, canceling classes and protesting. Chile's students are protesting against the high price of college education and the low quality of public education. These pictures are of a protest that took place in the center of the city with 70,000 protesters. 

June 17 - Vega Central (Central Warehouse)

June 10 - Trip to the Ferias "Markets"

Formal Feria


Informal Feria

As you can see from the photos above there is a very distinct difference between the formal ferias and the informal ones.  Formal signifies that each business pays for a set location each week to the Chilean government, and are much more established businesses.  Informal means that business owners bring a mat and sell their goods on the ground for a much cheaper price.

June 10 - BanIgualdad Flower Workshop

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